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it’s been a long time coming, but i’d just really like to take the time to thank every one of my followers and friends for sticking around with me over the course of all my grey’s feels, teary liveblogs, and general fanfiction nonsense!

i’ve recently hit my next thousand followers so i figured i would do this to show some sort of thanks. i talk to most of you, but if i don’t and i’ve tagged you, it means i’ve always admired your blog from a far. 

**there are hundreds i follow that i didn’t get to put on here but it doesn’t mean i don’t love your blog**


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**special thanks to cristinayangismyhero for the ff gif and every other gif/theme she’s ever helped me with**

The amount of grey’s commercials I’ve seen while watching dwts is making me finally realize it’s almost back. brb crying.


→ favourite jesse williamsjackson avery pictures [requested by anon]

"   I wanna make sure that these young women know, like listen—be a Ferrari. I don’t watch Ferrari commercials on TV. I see Honda commercials. And no shade to Honda, but…expensive cars, people know where to find them. Cheap ones advertise. You don’t have to advertise. You’re valuable. You’re worth something.   "
Lecrae (via mydearestlola)